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Regarding FTC letter about oxo-biodegradable plastics


The term ‘Oxo-biodegradability’ is a hybridization of two words, oxidation and biodegradability. It defines clearly a two step process initiated in this case by the Reverte® additive to degrade the polymer chain (break up) and make it available for biodegradability within the environment when a treated item has finished its useful life.

The phase of oxidation reduces the molecular weight and introduces oxygen into the structure. This process transforms the polymer from long strands to much smaller lengths. By reducing the chain length of the polymer the material loses its physical strength and elongation properties making it brittle and none ‘plastic’. The biodegradability aspect refers to the conversion of these lower molecular weight species by bacteria into biomass, CO2 and H2O in an aerobic environment, or in the case of an anaerobic environment, CH4.


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Reverte® and BioRZN provide technologically advanced,
cost-effective and safe way degrade plastics

Oxobioplast produces two state of the art products that can be used to degrade plastics:

Reverte® is an innovative oxo-biodegradable product line used to degrade plastics, making it accessible to microbial life for bio-digestion into CO2, H2O and biomass when properly discarded.

BioRZN® is a 100% compostable offering, based on a unique blend of renewable and bio-base material converted into plastic resin.

Both of these offerings provide a unique opportunity for industry leaders to adopt a proactive approach towards addressing the environmental ‘nuisance’ of conventional plastic packaging. The Reverte® oxo-degradable additive family is well suited to a wide range of processes and applications. Whereas the BioRZN® offering is a compostable resin that has excellent process-ability and physical properties Reverte® and BioRZN® are both safe for food contact and has been used by many companies to provide a reliable and reproducible oxo-biodegradable and compostable profile around the world.

Reverte® can be used in industrial and consumer packaging and other applications including agricultural mulch films, industrial film, food packaging (PE, BOPP, CPP and PET) and shopping bags (HDPE, LDPE).

BioRZN® can be used to produce compostable kitchen waste bags, compostable bin liners and leaf bags.

Reverte® Advantages

Reverte’s® unique formulation offers a greater degree of control and predictability than our competitors’ offerings, along with several other advantages.

Plastics incorporating Reverte® will ultimately oxo-degrade, making it accessible to microbial life for bio-digestion into CO2, H2O and biomass when properly discarded. Unlike competitive products, Reverte uses oil and natural gas based products to biodegrade the plastic, versus corn and starch, providing it with several advantages. Compared to other oxo-biodegradable additives currently available on the market, the Reverte® additives contain a unique two part control package that enhance its performance in the following ways:

  1. Additives control package is photo-initiated which means that the oxidative reaction doesn't significantly begin before the product is discarded and exposed to UV light and/or heat.

  2. Uses a unique pro-degradant package to controllably reduce the length of the polymer chains.

  3. Has secondary phase bio-digestion promoters that assist the growth of microbial colonies. This speeds up and facilitates the ultimate mineralization of the plastic following its initial oxidation.

  4. Reverte® is formulated to be effective at a 1% - 1.5% inclusion into the final product. It is within this low inclusion we are able to formulation the programmable nature of the technology is set, as opposed to adding more of the material to have a quicker reaction time.

The above are unique to Reverte®, the control packages and secondary phase bio-digestion promoters are particularly invaluable in situations where little or no UV light or heat is available since in these circumstances the Reverte® oxo-biodegradation process is more likely to continue. Other product features include:

  • Reverte® additives have a very long shelf-life, therefore they can be stored prior to use.

  • Plastics incorporating Reverte® have not been found to emit any offensive odours during their oxo-biodegradation.

  • Reverte® additives comply with FDA and EC Food Contact regulations.

  • Reverte® additives are harmless to humans, animals and plant life and are non-toxic, leaving no known harmful residues in the soil or waste streams.

Reverte® is introduced to a plastic article such as a check out bag at the manufacturing stage, the complex formulation is dosed in at a very low level, and the carefully developed complex additive package within Reverte® is now within the plastic at a predetermined amount.


BioRZN® is a compostable resin that is used at a 100% to produce plastic products and packaging that is destined to an end of life scenario within a municipal composting facility. It is based on a unique blend of renewable and bio-base material converted into plastic resin. BioRZN®, and has excellent physical and sealing properties.