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The following articles deal with the recycling of plastics and oxo-biodegradability.

Plastics in the Marine Environment - August 2013

"Enzymatic" and "Microbiodegradable" additives questioned - August 2013

Why bio-based is the wrong technology - July 2013

Recycling of plastics

Plastic bag bans and taxes - July 2013

The relevance of degradable plastic - July 2013

Response to "EuPC Answers to the Eu Green Paper on plastic waste in the environment" - June 2013

EU Green Paper - OPA Response - March 2013

Bad news for biobased "compostable" plastics from German government study - March 2013

Italian Plastics Law "Seriously Flawed" and Could Be Illegal - February 2013

US Govt warns on "Compostable" Plastic - February 2013

New legislation in Pakistan requires plastic to be Oxo-Biodegradable - February 2013

Ontario plastic bag ban challenge - November 2012

Response to 'European Bioplastics, Environmental Communications Guide' - September 2012

New LCA by Intertek puts oxo-biodegradable plastic way ahead of conventional and bio-based plastic - May 2012

Consumers hit back on plastic bags (Link by kind permission of www.iomtoday.co.im) - February 2012

UAE bans plastic products - Except Oxo-Bio plastics - February 2012

Executive Summary on Oxo-Biodegradable Plastic - December 2011

Is bio-based plastic really renewable? - December 2011

OPA contributes to EU workshop on Marine Litter - December 2011

OPA publishes Position Paper on Timescale for Degradation of Oxo-biodegradable Plastic

UK Environment Agency publishes a Life Cycle Assessment of Supermarket Carrier Bags - 2011

Good news for Oxo-Biodegradable plastic from UK Government LCA - 2011

OPA member company responds to European Bioplastics "Fact Sheet" on British Standard 8472 for Oxo-biodegradation of plastics - October 2011

Scientific dossier on oxo-biodegradable plastics - October 2011

How many football pitches are needed to make green plastic? - August 2011

A report from Arizona State University and others explains how synthetic biology will bring us cheaper plastics by ruining the poorest nations on Earth. - February 2011

OPA Response to FPA (Flexible Packaging Association) on Oxo-Biodegradable Additives - July 2010

Advertising standards authority rules in favour of d2w plastic - April 2010

OPA Member responds to Loughborough Report - March 2010

COMMENT BY PROFESSOR GERALD SCOTT ON EVO4221 "Assessing the environmental impacts of Oxo-degradable plastics across their life-cycle" - March 2010


New Position-Paper on Incineration

OPA response to AFOR (formerly the Composting Association) - March 2010

OPA response to SPI Bioplastics Council (SPIBC) regarding biodegradability of plastics containing oxo-biodegradable additives - February 2010

Leading environmentalist backs degradable plastics - February 2010

Important oxo-biodegradable statement from the respected laboratory, Smithers RAPRA - February 2010


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